Prompt 1:  Do you think slavery exists today?  If so, how does it work in today’s world?

OR  Prompt 2:  Explain in your own words the concept “People Have Wings” from the book.  Use your understanding of slavery, and the lives these people lived in slavery and the options for freedom.

OR  Prompt 3:  If you had wings (wave the magic wand) where would you fly and why?

I expect a full paragraph!  CHOOSE ONE OF THE THREE PROMPTS!!!!


40 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. If I had wings I would fly to some where there is a beach and its warm all season long. The reason why is because in Ohio it is too cold for me and I love the beach i would bring my grandma with me and we can be on the beach the whole time and listen to the kids play in the ocean.

  2. If I had wings like the people in the story “The people could fly”, and I could choose to go somewhere….. it would be anywhere. As long as I am free like the slaves used to be, I am happy. I could like to just fly and be free. I would like to see the beauty of where ever my big, beautiful, black wings take me. Whether its the Bahamas or Alaska, as long as I am free. It would be amazing to have wings. Awesome!. With wings to fly with, you are free. As free as a bird.

  3. The quote “people have wings” meant that the people were free. With wings you can go anywhere. So, they weren’t slaves. They were FREE to roam and be where they choose to be!

  4. In the story, “The People Could Fly” , the author says that the Africans could fly to symbolize their hope and ability to leave. She says that the people knew magic, and even though they were forced to “shed their wings” they still had magic in their hearts. This shows, that even though they weren’t free, they still had hope that one day they would be able to escape. By using this symbolism, she adds to the story and how poetic it is. She allows you to really feel as though you were there
    Abby Rambler #215 .

  5. im pretty sure slavery still exists, slavery existed in other places before it started in america, its not something you can just give time and people will get over it,or just because its illegal in america dosnt mean people stopped, and because of america making that illegal probably makes slavery a teeny tiny bitless terrible,like owners might give slaves more food

  6. If I had wings like in the book “The People Could Fly” and I got to fly somewhere i would fly to Serbia. I would fly to Serbia, because my whole family is there and from there. I have only been in Serbia once when I was seven and I meet a celebrity and it was so beautiful I can’t even explain it. I would also like to fly to Serbia, because Serbia is close to Africa, because Serbia is in South Europe which is close to Africa, so it wouldn’t take that long to get there if you know where you are going. My last reason I would like to fly to Serbia, because I would get away from slavery and I wouldn’t have to be someone’s slave, pick cotton, get cuts, or even do stuff without getting paid.

  7. I thinks slavery still exists today in other countries, even though it is illegal in most places, I still think it exists. Maybe it’s not necessarily the same as it was back then but today in lots of places people get treated differently because of the color of their skin. Some people still might have to work not by choice for people but if slavery still does exist, it has to be very different. The working conditions would be much better and you wouldn’t get treated as harshly.

  8. I think that slavery still exists, in the story “The People Could Fly” the people believed the the slaves knew magic and that they had wings before they became slaves but in the end I don’t think that they ever really got their wings back. I believe that when someone has been a slave they never forget about that time in their life, so this means to me that people who were slaves are always going to think of themselves as slaves. I also think that people still force others to work for them and hurt them when they slack off even though they aren’t slaves they a treated as slaves were treated. Therefor I do think that slavery still exists.

  9. Yes I think slavery exists in today’s world. I think that in the world today slavery is similar to how is was in America. The slave owners probably capture slaves and take them to their homes to work.

  10. yes, I think slavery is still in our world today. It might not be in America but it could be in different places on earth. And to be honest slavery could be happening in America today we will never know. but to get off the sad topic if I could fly I would go around the world and see all the amazing things about our world today.

  11. i dont think there is slavery today it wouldn’t work because im pretty sure the law restricts that kind of stuff and i believe most people of this sentry wouldn’t like slavery

    • were would you go in Hawaii, what island, what would you do? Hawaii is kind of vague and i say this because Hawaii is a beautiful place and there is many places and things you can do there.

  12. I do think slavery still exist today because people may not have masters but people are forced to work for a living for free under there power people so people still do have some types of slavery that they can’t get out of which is side.

  13. If I had wings, I would always fly to school and fly anywhere I’d need to go to get there faster. Then, I wouldn’t have to ride with my carpool and stuff and I’d get to places in style. Flying would be very cool if we could fly, but sadly, we as humans cannot fly. 😦

  14. i don’t know if this is aloud but i would go back in time and visit the golden age of ancient Greece and how it was back then. but if i can’t go back in time i would still go to Greece. I say this because during the golden age of Greece many exiting things happened and many important people where there like Sophocles, Solon, Pericles and many others. I would like to have a debate with one of them or at least a conversation. and see how they worked and how they thought. but if i couldn’t go back in time i would want to see there artwork and sculptures because i think it would be awesome because they tried to create a sense of order, beauty and harmony in there work so i would like to see how they did that. it would also be cool to see the buildings they built because there were pretty and they had graceful proportions. i would like to see the columns they used and the different variety’s of them. that’s where i would go if i were to be given wings to fly.

  15. I think that slavery still exists. I think this because big farming plantations hire people like immigrants or people who need a job to feed a family to do the work and pay them less than minimum wage. I would consider this a type of slavery. I also know that poor families in other countries who are in poverty and need food send their kids to find a job and get payed very little. Since these kids are working so much it affects there school-learning. The kids still work just so they can afford a small meal. This is mentally, physically socially, and morally dangerous for the kids and 50% of this work that the kids are doing is in a plantation. This is known as child labor and I would consider this slavery. That’s why I think there is still slavery and I think it needs to be stopped.

  16. If i could fly like the slaves in “the people could fly” i would fly to London England. I always thought this was a beautiful country. I thought it was so beautiful a room in my dads house is London theamed. I really started to like London alot more after watching Doctor Who and reading the first Harry Potter book. However over all of these i love listing to there accent. i absloutly would love to visit this country.

  17. If I had wings, I would fly to Florida because my brother and sister live there and I want to visit. Plus the weather’s much nicer than Ohio, and they hardly ever get snow. I’ve been there before and the people down there are really nice. They have interesting food as well. And I just really miss my siblings.

  18. If I could fly, I would fly to heaven. I would want to meet all of my great great grandparents and all the family members who have died. I would especially like to spend time with my cat Patches. I have heard so many stories about my family members and I’ve always wanted to meet them. I would also like to talk to God or an archangel, and tell them how thankful I am to have them in my life. Then I would come back down and resume my life on earth, always knowing that they are watching over me. Having wings to fly would be magical.

  19. If i had wings, I would probably go to Florida because I would be able to visit my friend who lives there, the pretty beaches, and go to Disney. I would also would like to roam, and see what you can do for fun in Florida.

  20. If I had wings, I would maybe go to Kalahari, because I LOVE the huge arcade there but it would take a long time to drive normally. I also might go to Hawaii so I could tan myself and lay out in the sun and listen to the Ocean waves. This concludes my blog post.

  21. If I had wings I would probably fly to Los Angeles Calafornia because I’ve always wanted to go there to see how beautiful it is and to meet new people. While I’m there I would probably walk along Hollywood Blvd. and look at the walk of fame just to see who’s names are there, And I would go to some of the museums, theatres, and resturants. These are some of the reasons I would fly to L.A. if I had wings.

  22. If I could fly I would fly to Florida because that is where my Grandma lives and I always loved going over to her house and see her dogs and her and every time I went over we would go to the beach.

  23. I do think that slavery exists today in many different countries. I think it works similiar to the ways things used to work 100 years ago. I don’t think it is how it was in America but, I think the same rules kind of apply. Someone is forced to work or do duties under their will or to be killed. I don’t think it is a good thing at all and I don’t think the people that are forced to be slaves have any other choice.

  24. Prompt 3- if I had wings I would fly to the beach because the beach is almost like my second home. I go there every year for vacation and it’s just fun overall

  25. Prompt 3- if I had wings I would fly to the beach because the beach is almost like my second home. I go there every year for vacation and it’s just fun overall to go to the beach

  26. If I could fly I would fly to Hawaii because I’ve always wanted to go there it’s so beautiful also want to meet Bethany Hamilton .I also would fly to any dog pound or rescue and save all the dogs and cats.

  27. Prompt 3- If I had wings and i was a slave i would fly to the north so Ohio because there would be a lot less slavery.And i would not have like to live in Slavery.

  28. Maddie searle 218 Prompt 3: If i had wings and could fly anywhere I would fly to Disney world. I would fly there because there is roller coasters and i can eat as much food as I want.There is also sushi there.

  29. If I had wings I would to a state that would let slaves be free because I really don’t want to work for anyone. I would get a good job and provide for my kids and family.

  30. I think that slavery still goes on today because i feel like if racism still goes on today then so does slavery.i remember this thing about child labor and it was slavery for children. Also i think that it works similar to what it use to in other Countries. and sadly i do not think it will end.

  31. It is now 3:30 in the skidZone and I am pulling the blog for grading. Note to children: If you did not choose to write a paragraph as requested, you will not get full credit, only partial.

  32. If I had wings I would fly to los Vagas. I would fly there because their are a lot of fun and entertaining things to do there. I would like to go swimming and maybe go see a show or two and just live my life to the fullest. If I could bring a friend or two that would be great, I love company and not being alone because that’s just boring. So if I could fly any place I wanted I would go there.

  33. Freedom can not be taught or paid for. Freedom is given but not deserved.Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes but small is not one.Freedom can be anything from sitting where ever you want on a bus, to having fun with the people you love to hang with.

  34. If U had wings I would fly to Miami Florida because the weather and so that I could become a part of my favorite show skin wars and I would be so happy and exited.

  35. i think slavery exist today in the world just no where here in america. slavery is still legal in many country’s and works the same as it used to.

  36. if i had wings and a wand i would fly to Florida so i can see my friends and my family and visit my old house i wish i could buy my old house i lived in kissimee florida and it was great i had a lot of friends and i loved swimming in the pool and running down the hill in my yard.

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