The People Could Fly

What did you find interesting about the vocabulary in the story by Virginia Hamilton?  You may choose to define and talk about one of the eight words we discussed in class or choose to talk about the dialect used in the story.

overseer, seer, croon, snag, shuffle, plantation, scorned, snarled.

To define, write the definition in your own words and write three synonyms.  Finish by using the word in a defining sentence.



The King Stag

Please write a paragraph on the viewing of The King Stag here at Miller South.  Remember to review the play, not the players.  Please give me a 3 – 2 – 1 approach.

Three things that a play help you experience that a book does not.

Two things that are elements of literature that you can tell me about: setting, plot, conflict, character, etc.

and One thing that surprised you or you have a question about.

Debate: Protagonist vs Antagonist

In our story Arachne, it has been hard to decide:  Who is the Protagonist?  Who is the Antagonist?

Based on your knowledge of the story and the definition we learned from Little Red Riding Hood, in the story of Arachne, who is who??? Tell us WHY???