The People Could Fly

What did you find interesting about the vocabulary in the story by Virginia Hamilton?  You may choose to define and talk about one of the eight words we discussed in class or choose to talk about the dialect used in the story.

overseer, seer, croon, snag, shuffle, plantation, scorned, snarled.

To define, write the definition in your own words and write three synonyms.  Finish by using the word in a defining sentence.



42 thoughts on “The People Could Fly

  1. Overseer: an overseer is the person who watches over the slaves and makes sure that they don’t ecaspe. They make sure that they aren’t slowing down in their work and are doing their work. If they don’t do what they are supposed to, they will whip the slaves.

  2. Shuffle is when you are walking but u are not taking your feet of the ground when you are shuffling. All your doing when you are shuffling is when you and are scooting on the ground but your are using your feet instead,

  3. Plantation, a plantation is an area where trees and nature has been planted, In the story If People could Fly they had plantation for the slaves to plant trees and keep planting the seeds.

  4. Overseer, a overseer is a person who supervises others, especially workers. In the story The People Could Fly the overseer would watch over the slaves. The overseer would also tell the master who is not doing what they are suppose to do during slavery. Also, the overseer is with the master, and the driver of that vehicle.

  5. Three synonyms of the word overseer is foreman, controller, and supervisor. The overseer was watching the slaves as they picked cotton.

  6. A plantation is a large piece of land that is used by the owner of the plantation. The owner of the plantation can hire slaves to grow crops on his plantation, or hire slaves to build a factory and work there to make worldwide profit. Most of the time, plantations are used on farms and places you grow items that you eat. “The slaves worked on the plantation, long and hard, pulling weeds and bad stuff out of the ground until the bell was rang.”

  7. Master, a master is a man who has other people like slaves or servants working for him. In the story “The People Could Fly” the slaves had masters who would make the slaves and/or servants work for him on the field as he watched over them and if they went to slow he would harm them to make them go faster.

  8. Master, a master is a man who would have other people like slaves or servants work for him. In the story “The People Could Fly” the master would make the slaves work all day for him on the field with no payment for this work. The master would harm the slaves if they went slow or did not do their work.

  9. Overseer: someone or something that watches over something or someone. In the story “The People Could Fly” the overseer would watch the slaves on horseback to see if they were working, and if they weren’t he would the driver to whip them.

  10. Overseer: an overseer is a person on horseback that watches over something/someone

    The overseer saw some slaves slowing down so he told the seer and he cracked his whip.

  11. Overseer is a person watches over someone/something. In the story “The people Could Fly” The Overseer would watch the slaves on a horse and if the slaves were going slow he would tell the seer to whip them.

  12. Overseer: a person that watches over someone/something. Three synonyms for overseer are manager, superintendent, supervisor. I watched as the overseer pointed crooked his finger at a slave that was not working and immediately ordered the driver to whip the slave

  13. In the story “The People Could Fly” I enjoyed how rhythmic and flowing the dialogue and text were. It reminded me of poetry. It added to the overall magical feeling of the story. The dialogue was very different from dialogue we use everyday. The vocabulary also had a “ring” to it. A lot of the vocabulary words had to do with slavery and how the slaves were treated, for example, the word snarled. It shows how the whip curdled around Sarah. It makes the story much more interesting and engaging.
    Abby Rambler 215

  14. Overseer: and overseer is a person who supervises or watches you. Three synonyms for overseer are foreman, captain, and supervisor.

  15. overseer-an overseer is someone who is placed in charge of watching or supervising someone.other words for overseer are CEO,director,and boss.the plantations overseer is very cruel.

  16. Overseer- an overseer is someone who is in charge of other people. In the story, the overseer is who is in charge of the slaves, tells them what to do, and tells them to move faster if they are slow. Throughout “The People can Fly” story, there many examples of how sad and painful slavery was. If the overseer sees someone slowing down or doing something wrong he/she will whip the slaves. Three synonyms for the word overseer is supervisor, foreman, and controller.

  17. croon is to hum or to sing to some one to help it sleep and when Sarah is picking the cotton and the babe starts to cry and she is crooning help it be quite

  18. in the book called “The People could fly” the definition that was interesting to me is croon. I think croon is an interesting word to me because it means to hum or sing to somebody.


    I crooned to the baby when it was crying.

  19. If you snag something, you catch it quickly and unexpectedly and when the people were flying they fly way over the trees without snaging them.

  20. I love the way Virgina worded thing.Like just the fact that she used the word fly instead of run really made the story seem magical. The vocabulary word that I liked was the use of the word croon. Croon: to hum or sing softly. Three synonyms of croon are hum, warble, and trill. When the baby started to cry, the mother crooned to her.

  21. Im gonna go for an easy one this time around. Croon: To hum or sing to rather calm a baby or child or even another person, or any other calming noise. 3 synonyms of Croon: Sing, Hum, Calm

  22. Paris213- the word that i found intersting was croon. Croon is when you sing or hum quietly or lightly. In the story Sarah had to croon to her baby after the baby was beaten. In the story your not suppose to do anything like that with the baby and i thought she was brave and was a great mother for that.

  23. Overseer, is a free person or a trusted slave that would watch over the working slaves. If they saw that they where slowing down they would whip or beat them. They would watch to make sure that they didn’t run away.

  24. My word that i found cool was overseer, overseer a person that watches over slaves on a plantation or a person of power over people, in the book the overseer would find people who were not moving fast and have them wiped just like the wip hit the baby

  25. what i liked about the vocabulary in the people could fly because it described the story well and some of the words you thought you would know but they meant something totally different. one of the words i thought was really cool was croon. i liked this word because it meant sing or hum softly and i never heard this word used in context so i thought it was interesting of what it meant. another word i liked was seer because it means a person who sees something specified. and i thought it had to do with over seer but it had nothing to do with overseer. and that is what i liked about the words in the story.

  26. Croon means to sing softly, usually to soothe. Three synonyms would be sing, trill, and warble. The mother crooned to the baby to put it back to sleep.

  27. Croon- Crooning is to sing to a person, a baby in particular. To croon to a baby is to sing quietly and to hush them. three synonyms are hum bellow and murmur. Sara didn’t care to croon to the babe.

  28. Plantation- Is a large farm or estate on which crops are grown.
    The babe was born and grew up on s plantation and now is pick the cotten for his master.
    I also really liked the story and i belive that the word i choose goes with the story

  29. I chose the word Croon. Croon: To croon is when you comfort or softly sing to or shush at someone most of the time it’s a baby that people croon to. Sarah was not allowed to croon to her baby to calm him down and to get him to stop crying.

  30. Croon means to sing very softly or to hum. She crooned the child to sleep. Sarah did not croon the babe. I think croon is a very interesting word because it is used in such a soft content which is very heart warming.

  31. Ayiana Andrella #802

    Croon- To coddle and hum to love for example a baby. To croon a baby you softly hum a song swiftly. Sarah didn’t have the heart to croon to her baby when the baby was crying.Sarah was to tired, hot, and hungry to even try when she knew she should have.

  32. croon is to sing softly or hum a tune, to hush them. Sarah did not care to crune the baby. I like the word croon because when i read it I imagine some type of peace go through my body.

  33. 814
    Overseer-one that over sees
    The overseer watched the slaves to make sure they didn’t slow down in doing their work.The overseer would whip the slave if he or she slowed down or stop.
    When I hear overseer I think of it as being a leader.

  34. 814
    Overseer-one that over sees
    The overseer watched the slaves to make sure they didn’t slow down in doing their work.The overseer would whip the slave if he or she slowed down or stop.
    When I hear overseer I think of it as being a leader.The overseers watched as the slaves worded in the hot sun.

  35. i think the words ment something in this book you hadd to decode the words the book was good and now i know i should try to put in diffrent fun wurds like crune

  36. Plantation-A place where crops grow, such as cotton,sugar,and tobacco. Sarah had to go through the plantation. Three synonyms would be orchard,farm and estate. I like the word plantation because it gives me a feeling that i thought i would never have.

  37. Overseer- a person who watches the slaves for the master. My 3 synonyms for overseer are watcher, keeper and guard. Overseers are in charge of mostly everything and does what the master tells them what to do.

  38. snag: Say you have a sweater and a nail that’s sticking out somewhere in your house if you walk past and your sweater gets hooked or caught on the nail and ripped it that’s a snag.

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