All about poetry!

Prompt #1  Write a poem entitled “Ode to my Favorite Chips”

Prompt #2  Do you have a favorite poem?  poet? type of poem?  Tell me about it!!

Prompt #3  On a rating scale of 1= I can’t wait to write and 5= I want to go home, how eager are you to write poetry this year.  Explain your answer.  What has you excited?  What scares you?

Prompt #4  Write a short poem about someone who inspires you.


New Semester!

Let us start out the new semester in a positive way!

Prompt #1  Write a paragraph reflection on your Advisory meeting this morning.  Are you a fixed mind set or a growth mind set?  Any changes you want to make?

Prompt #2  If you were going to make a collage on someone who inspires you, who would you choose and why?  Write a paragraph!!

Prompt #3  We are about to see for our Spring play the Tempest.  What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Why?  Do you have a favorite character?   Write a paragraph!!