To Rescue or Not to Rescue, that is the questions!

This is it!  Time to vote — what is your gut feeling?

Please first answer YES or NO — Should we rescue individuals who take risks?

Then, give me one concise sentence — what is the main point in your argument that has you swinging that direction?


20 thoughts on “To Rescue or Not to Rescue, that is the questions!

  1. Yes people should. Having that be your job is a risk that you have to take. That is what you have to take be in the rescue system.

  2. Yes they should because their the ones who wanted that job and if the get hurt or died at least it happened for a worthy cause.

  3. Yes, because if you have that job you need to be prepared to be in danger from time to time. That is just part of working in a rescue system.

  4. No they should not. They knew the risk(the climbers) and they climbed the mountain anyway. They should not have to risk more lives just beacause some inexperianced climbers messed up.

  5. Yes i think people should have rights because they know what they are getting their self into but they also can’t handle if they fall they can’t control it

  6. No, Because unless given proper training to climb mountains the climbers are putting themselves at risk and they can be putting others at risk.

  7. No, people shouldn’t rescue individuals who take risks, because they know what they are doing as they are mountain climbing, and they can put other people at risk while those people are trying to save them from dying.

  8. No, people choose to climb and if they don’t want to do it anymore they need to figure out how to be safe again, or when two people are together and they both need rescued well only one person will be saved I feel that its not fare to the other climber that was with them.

  9. No, I don’t think that the people should have a right to get recued .The climbers should know that they could get hurt or even die so if they want to take that risk they can. Rescuers shouldn’t have to risk their lives to save the people that know that they could get into trouble.

  10. Abby Rambler #215
    Yes, people should have the right to be rescued. If you’re in a dangerous situation wouldn’t you want to be rescued? Also, if you are the rescuer, you signed up for this job being aware that you may be in danger.

  11. Peyton Oliver #816
    yes, people should be able to be saved because they knew the risks of mountain climbing but they probably didn’t know how bad the risks were.

  12. Yes, people should always be saved. If you where up on a mountain about to die you would want someone to save you. Life is very precious and we should all help each other out whenever possible, human life is not a game we are playing.

  13. At first I did think that no they should not send rescue services, but now that I look I think that yes because even if your risking your life for another, you still signed up for the job and you would know what you were getting into and what could happen.

  14. I think we should save the people because so many people lose there lives everdaay and with a little more money we could save more lives and feel better that you helped someone today. So yes I do think we should send rescue devices.

  15. I don’t think anyone should be open to rescue services because there the ones who put themselves at risk. The rescuers would also put themselves at risk saving you and would probably fall to there death. The rescue services are also not responsible for you climbing the mountain. That’s why no one should be open to recuse services.

  16. My answer is yes, recommend they are saved, and no, they shouldn’t be saved. I say no because the climber new that they would be in danger and they took that risk. The rescuers may die as well as the climber and the helper. More lives are lost as we try to rescue them. I also say yes, because it is the rescuers choice whether or not he wants to put his live and the climbers live in more danger. And it is his decision if he wants to save them. I am a yes, but also, a no.

  17. i think we should rescue the climbers because no one deserves to die from one risk if they can be saved then we should try every human life matters just the same and the people in the helicopter knew there job and the risks

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