We need a creative moment!

Please write an ABC story —

Its really simple, or is it?

You use the letters of the alphabet in the order they are given and write as much of a story as you can.  See how far you can get through the alphabet . . .  (you can use a letter twice in a row)

A ball can dribble evenly forever given Harry’s incredible juggling.  Kings love making nothing out of practicing quietly, really silently, together under . . .

I GOT TO U!!!!!  Whooo Hoooo!

See what you can do!



Depending on if you are 7th grade (folktales) or 8th grade (horror) discuss the benefits of this genre

CHOICE #1:  Why would you read this gener?

CHOICE #2:  What can you learn from this genre?

CHOICE #3:  Would you ever consider writing a short story in this genre?

Secret Garden

I would like you to critique / discuss the STORY we saw on Thursday, The Secret Garden.  DO NOT critique the actors and actresses — we are going to discuss the STORY!

Choice #1  Who was the antagonist?  the protagonist?  Which of the characters did you relate to most?

Choice #2  What can you say about the setting?  Remember, this includes the time, place, mood — consider all.  Yes, you can talk about the use of costuming to set the time and the actual set to give you the feeling of England.  Did the lighting give you mood?

Choice #3  Can you tell me about conflict in the story?  What was the climax of the story?  What was the resolution?

Who’s Afraid of a Genre??

You have all read three books for the self select reading program.  You probably started with your favorite genre —

#1 List the three genres you have read this year.

NEXT write a paragraph about that genre that you are dreading to read.  Why don’t you like that genre?  Do you need a referral of a good author or title?  Is it just a genre you have never tried??

The New Nine Weeks!

The new nine weeks is here.

What can you share that will help out your peers?

CHOICE #1  What is something you would like to try and you know will improve your grade that you would recommend to your peers?

CHOICE #2  What is something you HAVE been doing that is a winner, it is sure to help other students?

CHOICE #3  What is a problem situation you have that you are looking for an idea of what in the world to do to improve the situation.


YOU NEED a full paragraph.  Not two sentences.  MINIMUM 35 words.

25 Years

During the celebration of our 25 Anniversary we are asking the question on Friday:

What will you be doing 25 years into the future.

CHOICE 1#:  Where will you be 25 years in the future.  A paragraph please!

CHOICE 2#:  If you are a theater student:  Write a paragraph on your experience going to Hamlet.  Write about the theater, write about taking a classic play and taking the setting years into the future, write about what you thought of the play’s message.

CHOICE 3#:  We read many Dystopian books — Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, The Giver, etc.  Write a paragraph about a major change in how we live that you think we will see in the future (like flying cars, chips under your skin instead of credit cards to scan for money, etc)

Summary Time

CHOICE #1:  Summarize one small part of the current book

CHOICE #2:  Summarize the entire book with a concise paragraph – what you might see on the back of the book

CHOICE #3:  For 7th grade:  Summarize your junkYard war experience.  Talk about working in a group, what you created, what type of instrument you created.

CHOICE #4: For 8th grade:  Summarize the first part of the book Kim through Leona.

Remember — WRITE!  Good paragraph required!