Secret Garden

I would like you to critique / discuss the STORY we saw on Thursday, The Secret Garden.  DO NOT critique the actors and actresses — we are going to discuss the STORY!

Choice #1  Who was the antagonist?  the protagonist?  Which of the characters did you relate to most?

Choice #2  What can you say about the setting?  Remember, this includes the time, place, mood — consider all.  Yes, you can talk about the use of costuming to set the time and the actual set to give you the feeling of England.  Did the lighting give you mood?

Choice #3  Can you tell me about conflict in the story?  What was the climax of the story?  What was the resolution?


Who’s Afraid of a Genre??

You have all read three books for the self select reading program.  You probably started with your favorite genre —

#1 List the three genres you have read this year.

NEXT write a paragraph about that genre that you are dreading to read.  Why don’t you like that genre?  Do you need a referral of a good author or title?  Is it just a genre you have never tried??