All about poetry!

Prompt #1  Write a poem entitled “Ode to my Favorite Chips”

Prompt #2  Do you have a favorite poem?  poet? type of poem?  Tell me about it!!

Prompt #3  On a rating scale of 1= I can’t wait to write and 5= I want to go home, how eager are you to write poetry this year.  Explain your answer.  What has you excited?  What scares you?

Prompt #4  Write a short poem about someone who inspires you.


73 thoughts on “Poetry!

  1. On a scale of 1-5 about reading poems I feel about a 3. I am not very strong at writing poems however I do like reading them. I can’t wait to see if my experience will go well but I’m also kind of nervous because it’s not my strong topic in writing.

  2. On a scale 1-5 for how much Im excited for poetry is a 4. I like poetry it is just not my favorite. I love how poetry have a story behide it. If you really pay attention and listen to the words and really understand. I am really excited to see what stories it will have this time.

  3. 1-5 i would rate a 2 or 3 because i did it in 4th grade and it was okay.it’s not my favorite but not horrible. i feel like it takes a while for my poem to come together if i write my own

  4. Ode to my favorite chips . My favorite chips are hot fries because they are spicy , they are crunchy , and last there lot of them in a bag and yes that why i like them . !

  5. my favorite poet is Gabbie hanna she is so great my favorite poem of hers is lonely. from lonely its says i love lonely because lonely never leaves me……

  6. Maddie M 520 prd5
    On a scale from 1-5 I would rate poetry a 4/1-2 I like it a lot because. In 4th grade I was really scared to do i but then we did it every week and now I really like it. I like poetry because you can express how you feel or how a character feels without writing a traditional essay or paragraph.

  7. On a scale of 1-5 I to write a poem I would say 3 because i’m not much of a poet and can’t really understand what some poets are talking about but when I find one I can connect with I like it.

  8. On a scale of 1-5 Ill say a 4 because I really enjoy writing poetry and reading poetry but I mostly enjoy reading and writing poetry that I can relate too and that I can learn from and that is funny. I didnt say a 5 because there is some poetry i dont enjoy reading and that is boring to me.

  9. On a scale from 1-5 I would say 3 because I like to write and than sometimes I don’t like to write. One of the reasons I don’t like to write is because of timing sometimes it takes a little while. A reason I like to read is you can express yourself and be creative by using your writing.

  10. 5, Because my bed id at home but mostly because I don’t like writing overall and I also don’t like expressing my feeling through anything other than talking to myself

  11. 2 because I am really excited to write and read poetry. I love poetry because it is a really easy way to read and learn things you never knew about before.

  12. 3 because I like poetry, it is just definitely not my favorite. I am excited about the experience. Im scared that I wont do very well on it.

  13. my favorite poem is from the poetry book “Milk and honey” and it says “if you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise” and i love Rupi Kaur’s poetry.

  14. The rating from 1-5 on poetry it would probly be a 2 or a 3 because i did poetry at my other school 3rd and in my 4th grade year.It would still be fun to redo it again.Poetry is very different in a special way.

  15. Donovan Shaeffer Per 5
    My rating for poetry is a 3 or a 4 because to me poetry is boring. Its hard for me to read or write poetry because it just isn’t for me. A lot of the time poetry doesn’t make sense to me which i’m good a doing when i’m talking but not when i’m writing. Most of the time when i’m writing i’m writing because of school work, not because i choose to. writing is not what i’m good at.

  16. my favorite poem was a brave and startling truth buy maya angeluo i love this poem cause it talks about alot of thinf=gs and it exspire you

  17. My rating would be a 1 because I have never writen a poem or presented one. The thing that I am most scared of is the way we write them and all of the different kinds of poems we will write. In all I am very excited to write poems.

  18. William Shakespeare is one of my favorite poets/writer because he has so many styles but at the same time are the same. He is very unique in his work. I really Julius Caesar. It was fun performing one of Shakespeare’s plays

  19. ode to my favorite chips
    oh bbq chips you comfort me when I´m sad
    you help me through snack time
    when people try to take you away from me I will not hesatate a growl
    oh thank you bbq chip thank you.

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