Shakespeare’s birthday is coming up! To celebrate, ssellect your favorite Shakespeare quote and up to one paragraph about what you think it means.

Please be sure to write where it is from:  Title, Act, Scene.

WHy did you choose it??



Every four years we celebrate the Winter Olympics.  Let’s blog!

Prompt #1:  The first gold medal for the USA was won by a 17 year old from Northeast Ohio!!  Snowboarding!  What would you think about competing at that age!  He was interviewed and said he now had to worry about finishing his make up work for school and graduating.  What do you think?  Write one question you would ask him.

Prompt #2:  The first team to ALWAYS lead the teams in the opening is Greece.  Do you know the beginnings of the Olympics. Would you like to carry the torch?

Prompt #3:  What is your favorite event to watch?  What event would you NEVER try?  What event would you like to try?  Is there an Olympic athlete you would like to meet?  (I would like to meet the Norway Curling team!!  Love those pants)

Happy Valentines Day

PLEASE write a paragraph.  If you put less than 5 sentences = no credit.  WRITE!!!!!

Prompt#1  Are you excited to karaoke?  What song are you going to request?

Prompt #2  As a valentine gift to yourself, I want you to brainstorm two kindnesses you could do to celebrate Valentines Day as a day to care about your community.

Prompt #3 Did you keep your work steady?  Are you going to the Ice Cream Social?  What do you think of our incentive program?  Did it help?


All about poetry!

Prompt #1  Write a poem entitled “Ode to my Favorite Chips”

Prompt #2  Do you have a favorite poem?  poet? type of poem?  Tell me about it!!

Prompt #3  On a rating scale of 1= I can’t wait to write and 5= I want to go home, how eager are you to write poetry this year.  Explain your answer.  What has you excited?  What scares you?

Prompt #4  Write a short poem about someone who inspires you.

New Semester!

Let us start out the new semester in a positive way!

Prompt #1  Write a paragraph reflection on your Advisory meeting this morning.  Are you a fixed mind set or a growth mind set?  Any changes you want to make?

Prompt #2  If you were going to make a collage on someone who inspires you, who would you choose and why?  Write a paragraph!!

Prompt #3  We are about to see for our Spring play the Tempest.  What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Why?  Do you have a favorite character?   Write a paragraph!!

We need a creative moment!

Please write an ABC story —

Its really simple, or is it?

You use the letters of the alphabet in the order they are given and write as much of a story as you can.  See how far you can get through the alphabet . . .  (you can use a letter twice in a row)

A ball can dribble evenly forever given Harry’s incredible juggling.  Kings love making nothing out of practicing quietly, really silently, together under . . .

I GOT TO U!!!!!  Whooo Hoooo!

See what you can do!


Depending on if you are 7th grade (folktales) or 8th grade (horror) discuss the benefits of this genre

CHOICE #1:  Why would you read this gener?

CHOICE #2:  What can you learn from this genre?

CHOICE #3:  Would you ever consider writing a short story in this genre?