The King Stag

Please write a paragraph on the viewing of The King Stag here at Miller South.  Remember to review the play, not the players.  Please give me a 3 – 2 – 1 approach.

Three things that a play help you experience that a book does not.

Two things that are elements of literature that you can tell me about: setting, plot, conflict, character, etc.

and One thing that surprised you or you have a question about.


60 thoughts on “The King Stag

  1. One thing that the play helped me understand better than than the book said was who there were props and backgrounds Another thing that helped me understand the the play was how to the king turned into a stag and that’s how the play got its name King stag. The last thing is that i wish that the bust would have been louder when it chuckled

  2. One thing that the play help me experiences that if i read the book is when you read the book you don’t see it live when you see the play its like it all comes alive. I really like the setting of the play they did not just have one prop they had many and I could tell when they changed from the kings room to out side. one thing that Question me in the king Stag is was the bust a real person or not? I really loved the King Stag.

    • The bust WAS a real person! She is a fourth grade student named Jade. She also played the role of Cigolotti who came out at the beginning with the wagon.

  3. I prefer the play over the book because when i could not understand a part in the book the play really helped me understand. The setting was really understanding for King stag’s palace. It was the king, the two guards, the butler, and the queen that tried to get married to the king so she can get popular. The only thing that surprised me was the mannequin that moved.

  4. Three things that the play experience gives me that the book doesn’t is I can see the characters and I can match the face to the character, it helps you see real life people moving around to do the play, the last one is you can see the play and you don’t have to read it and you have to read the play to. Two things I can tell you about the literature elements is that some of the setting was in the forest was they used very much lighting to use to make it look as the forest, they also made the characters dressed like the people that would dress in the olden days and make them act like some people in the olden days. One thing that surprised me was when the characters went in each others bodies, because of the magic that helped them get into each others bodies.

  5. I really liked the king stag here at school. I thought that the lighting was very cool and so were the props. The stags were so cool especially at the end when one of them bowed by there self. I did think it was a little confusing when they were all switching bodies. 3 things that that the play would help me experience is, is all the body switching was way more helpful in the play than the book because it was more confusing in the book. the characters names were more not confusing.i just think the play was better. I could tell there was some conflict between the king and the tortallia because he wanted to kill the king so he could become the king. One thing that surprised me is that the bust did not really laugh but i was all the was in the back of the auditorium

  6. Part One
    1. The Lighting
    2. The Props
    3. The Set

    Part Two
    1. The Characters
    2. The Setting

    Part Three
    1. I was interested why the king used magic to change himself into a deer…I’m not much of a magic fanatic, so I was a bit confused

    • OK, well I really liked the lighting , the props and the set. I thought the plot was the most interesting because it was twisted around commedia and all that stuff, and it was very detailed. Honestly, I would be satisfied with a modern day language version of the play, because I have a hard time sometimes understanding old Shakespeare plays like that (even though the language was different. I found the characters and the setting also very interesting. Lastly, I of course didn’t get why the King/Cameron used magic to change himself into a deer, and I’m not all that into magic, so I was left REALLY confused in the end about that
      This concludes my Reply

  7. This play was a beautiful love story. The costumes really portrayed characters, and the set that they made, made me feel apart of the story, like I was there with them. The lighting was fonaminal, I could really see the actors. That is why I like this play.

  8. I really liked this play because the actors in the play, because they did a really good job with setting when people came in and changed the setting. When the actors changed bodies it was cool how they came back in that costume. It was weird when they had most of the girls play as boys, like half of the boys were played as girls. Overall it was really nice how the made it and set everything up.

    • Brandon, sometimes that happens when there are alot of girls who audition for a play. The girl actors played boys and it gave them an opportunity to explore a male character and how that character was played.

  9. The King Stag play was better than the book because the play shows more emotion than a book ever could. Another example is you can see the movement by the characters, but in a book you have to picture the movements. In a play, you can see the performers, but a book you have to think of what they look like. Most of the conflict was between King stag and his First Prime Minister. The setting was a older castle theme. I was surprised that King Stag became a deer with some spell he used.

  10. I thought The kings Stag was a great play that was pretty much about a guy pretending to be another guy like fraud but,much more complex. as in this took place in a castle when a king was looking for a girl and he trusted a talking bust to tell the truth and when he finds a girl he gets switched into a stag when the antagonist plans to become the king. the king is only a stag for a little bit which bothers me a little but othe the that it was pretty good

  11. The setting made it easier to understand what was happening. There was a lot of feeling in the play between each character having different feelings for each other. The plot between what the protagonist and antaginist each wanted and the conflict they had between each other. I was really surprised when the antaginist switched places and tricked the protagonist.

  12. To be honest, there are quite a few things to say about this play. Its a wonderful play, and I think seeing the characters in person and seeing their emotions definitely help me in a way a book would not. I could also see them moving and it helps give a bigger vision of the story than a book would. I could see the Characters in element of literature from the way they move, work, anything, and it was easy to see the setting from the begging! Lastly, I think I am curious about if being in a different body makes you FEEL the way the person does. It was never specified so it was just interesting.

    • That’s a great question! One which we never explored. I’m curious to know what your opinion is and how it might affect the actor playing that character. Definitely different levels of inception!

  13. i thought the the did a reat job perfoming the king stag. its sad how the guy almost lost the girl he loved for the villian. but the ending was great. and i wasnt expecting the bird to be that powerful at the end.

  14. the play helped me understand it better than a book because of the costumes because it helped me know what time period it was and it gave me a better understanding of their personallites. and having someone act it out helped me better understand it to.

  15. One thing that really helped my understand the play was the setting. Between each character there was a lot of feelings and the protagonist and antagonist where very good at there parts it was very surprising how the antagonist switched bodies with the protagonist to try to make his daughter become the queen. The costumes also helped me really understand the play more. If you read a book you cant see the characters in real life like you can in a play so that helps me a lot. Overall the play was very good I enjoyed it very much.

  16. Three things in the Kings Stag that made me want to watch the play instead of read the play was the cool lighting, fog, and music effects and the real effect of knowing how the characters felt and the characters costumes really made you get the full effect of the play. The setting was cool how the Candians would change the setting from woods to the kings palace and etc. The plot was very cool how they used magic to change themselves into someone else’s body and how the kings fiance was so sad and how the whole story all tied together very smoothly. One thing that surprised me was how interesting the play was and how clever the name of the play benifited the story.

  17. The setting through out the story helped me know what was going on during the play. The lighting and the music and scenery just really made me feel like I was in the story. Also the movement of the actors made it feel real. Although a book can do that, the play was just more magical. The romance was so heart warming and very adorable! But in the book, you could only imagine the beauty between the love of the king and the young lady. The deer were very graceful and beautiful, but in the book I could only imagine deer wondering. But watching the play made me feel as if I were the deer. One of the things that surprised me was when the king turned into a deer. It was very cool and helped me realize what was going on. I thought the makeup of the two deer was AMAZING! It was so pretty and so realistic. I thought that this was my favorite play so far because it was very graceful, romantic, mysterious, and had a few surprises in it. I would definitely rather watch it then read it because it makes me feel like I am an angel watching over the whole thing, like it was actually happening.
    Lauren Toth #220 🙂

  18. I think the king stag was good because it had a great story with magic, suspence, and romance. All in all the characters had a great personlities

  19. I think a play is like a musical but there is no singing. I thought that the King Stag was pretty good for a school play. In a book you make up there own emotions and figure out what happned. But in a show on stage is different. There are people called actors and it is more interesting because the actors are doing the emotions and actions and it like watching T.V. but your in a room full of people in real life.

  20. the play was really good because the actors kept the play moving even when something bad happpend like on Friday the bird cage broke but the actors didn’t stop and freak out they kept on going.and made the play look like it should of been. and the audience didn’t even notice that the play didn’t go how it was supposed to. the play had great sound effects that even the actor had felt erges and sad and a lot of emotions when the stags died and during the transitioning between the human and stag. the cast had a lot of energy throughout the show which made it great. the bacround light gave energy throught the cast and how they performed and the audience and how they interpreted the show. this particullary happened in the forest. i rate this a 3 out of 5 from the techs point of view.

  21. Paris 213 Three things that the play experience gives me that the book doesn’t is setting. To me when you see the play it feels more real. Also the character in the book not all the time your are able to visualize the character. In the play you can see the character and there costumes and there movement. Also each character is there own character and you know the difference. Also you can see the conflict and how each character reacts to it. When they have conflict is feels real. I was really surprised when they kept on changing character and switching bodies, also when the bird was actual a famous magician.

  22. I loved the play especially the part when they changed bodies.That was super cool.They play at parts was kinda boring,like when they were in the woods.The gun fight was a little scary because of the drum in the back round.I would love to see the play again just because we didn’t get to work:)Just kidding;)The play was funny at times and very well acted out.

  23. I loved the play. I have never read the book so I can’t tell you if the play was better but I can tell you that the emotion was there. I felt like I was there on stage with them. The setting and props were amazing and the actors really made the play come alive. The overall story was so loving and caring and just a beautiful love story. Two things I can tell you about the literature elements is most of the setting was in the forest. The lighting they used really brought out the feeling of the forest. They also made the characters dress like people from back in the day and made them act like people from the olden days. One thing that really was exciting is when they made the actors pretend to switch bodies because if you read that in a book, it would really be hard to visualize it.

  24. A play has real people and is able to set the mood and you are able to see the anger in the faces and in book take that away, and in plays you can see what the characters look like.
    I had a hard time trying to figure out why it is called kings stag then i found out why when the king became a stag, the setting is cool when in the castle because the callous.
    i was surprised when the king was almost killed by his friend.

  25. I really like the King Stag. The things that help me experience the play is when the costumes and like how they ad there hair and makeup and help me get a bigger picture of there character in the play. The thing that help me know where the setting was, was when they brought there props out and it gave so much desriben in the story and the way that they ran around and how they were yelling for each other. The one thing that surprised me was when the king and the one that was really crazy when they go married because when at the beginning the king didn’t like her because she was crazy but at the end of the story they got in love.

  26. I really enjoyed the play. Three things that the play helped me understand that the book wouldn’t is … The play lets you see and watch what is going on compared to trying to remember and imagine it. The next is you get to see the characters faces and emotions. Also the sound effects help you understand the story better. I saw two conflicts in the play, the first is who would the king marry. The second one is how would the king get back to his own body before tartalia killed him and before he ruined the kingdom. My question is what happened to the parrot?

  27. My favorite part of he play, The King Stag was the part when Truffledena (EmJay) got arrested and had to go into the birds cagee, because that part was really funny. My favorite character in The King Stag was Truffledena (EmJay) because I really related to him, because he was really funny and energetic like me.

  28. 1. I noticed that the lighting and the music and the tones in their voices set a certain mood in the play. In my opinion they did a fantastic job. 2. I noticed that their costumes really showed you who they were . The fist time I saw the king I kind of assumed that he was the king based on his clothing. 3. I also noticed that there acting was amazing.

  29. I liked the play it was not the best but it was definitely interesting and funny. The characters were very believable it was cool how the king and the jealous man switched bodies. I would rate this play 3.5 stars. The play also had a very good concept so congrats to everybody in the play.

  30. I was not mad at the play or happy with it because i thought it would be funnier.To be honest i liked pippy longstocking better because it was a musical i love the singing, dancing, and the acting but when its just acting i was not a big fan on that. I thought the play was fine but could it have been a little better i think so. I was also expecting the statue to laugh or talk. I just want to say good job to the actors i though it was good.

    • In what way could it have been better? I am curious. I would like to improve upon my skills as a director and maybe you didn’t see something that I missed when directing.

  31. I think the play was much better than the book (then again I didn’t read the book). The costumes were absolutely amazing, from the stag costumes to the king’s outfit. I enjoyed the romance part of it as well, with three different couples. Three! The story was spectacular, with Durandart as a parrot for the longest time, then transforming into a wizard, and the minister and the king switching bodies, and the all around theme was spelled out and clear. Oh, and the humour! The play had me in stitches, especially Smeraldina and all her eccentricities.

  32. The three things that helped me have a better approach about it then a book were, the look of the characters, the music, and the costumes. The elements of literature that were in the play were setting and conflict. What surprised me was at the end when Tartaliga died, how Clarissa didn’t care that he was an old crusty man, she knew he was her dad and she still loved him.

  33. The play gave me a visual of what the book couldn’t. For one there were verbal conversations. Another is there were costumes which kind of showed me the charcters personality. One last one is that the funny scenes were acted out which mad them funnier that just reading it in a book. I realized that the charcter Smerildina changed through out the play and who she loved, fist she loved the kind then she wants to love Truffeldino, like what kind of foolishness is that. One thing that surprised me was that the parrot was the magician.

  34. What i really liked about the play was that the characters really took their part and understood it and Smerldina her character was really good, very dramatic.

  35. The King Stag was a really good play. The costume design helped me understand where the characters came from and what wealth they were at. The lighting design put a really nice and understanding effect on the magic that was happening. I would recommend this play to everyone. It was really funny and the dialogue and tone that the actors used helped me understand the play.

  36. i liked the play it was really entertaining and funny but some of the parts of the play was kinda weird and some i didn’t really get. My favorite character was Smeraldina cause she was funny and loud and interesting but sometimes she could be a little out of hand sometimes.But so far the play was good they did good

  37. so my favorite part of the show is the end it was great when me and the other zanies went on and we saw the parrot turned into the dearendat the wizard. i give this this play a 5 out of 5 stars it was funny and serious. the clothing was fabulous all of the costumes were different and old timie. the drums they played back stage was great. the reason to go to the plays of books is because of the sounds might be different than the won you think it will be. the affect of the of the stage you will be able to see.

    stu180371 812

  38. The reason why I would want to see the play than read th script is because you would get the full expeirience and it entertains you more. Also when you see the King Stag you understand the characters better. Also when you see the play its more funnier than when you read the script.

    • Another reason is that I would want rather see the play then read the script. Also my favorite element of literature in the play is the forest setting. I also like how in the plot they take the serious things and make it funny. Nothing surprised me.

  39. Three things that helped me experience the play that a book wouldn’t were the emotion that the actors showed to me, the scene set up was amazing and it help me feel all of the different scenes, the last thing was the music or sound effects put it in to perspective. Two elements that i saw were the setting it was in Italy, and the first or one of the internal conflicts. One thing i have a question about was why did the stag gets the last bow.

    p.s the cast did a wonderful job and i enjoyed this play a lot.

  40. Ayiana Andrella #802
    Three things I really like about seeing plays is that its live it has props with real emotion. In a play I feel like its so real because its real people in front of you making eye contact with you. With the entertainment there is also tragety with a twist also. The setting was at many places such as the forest, castle, but most important Italy. The conflict was Tartaglia vs the King when the King is getting married Tartaglia wants to marry that girl so the conflict begins .

  41. Three reasons I would rather see a play than read a book are that the characters really come to life. Also the facial expressions were great. As well as the background charcters who added alot to the mood. I thought the plot and setting were awesome. I thought that this was going to be a story about a stag owned by the king but it was about the stag that was the king.

  42. Three things that a play experience gives me that a book doesn’t is first of all you can really see what is going on and you can see the actors and actresses emotion and it is very exciting. Second of all I love to see the way the cast look and the way that they dress. It makes me feel like it is really happening in real life! Last of all I enjoy seeing what I could be reading come to life. The setting was amazing and the way the characters spoke made the setting more exciting. The conflict in the play was jaw dropping. I loved that the conflict could be funny and serious especially the bird catcher and “Shmer” making conflict super funny. One thing that surprised me was the changing of body”s and the magic but, I still loved the play!

  43. Three things that helped me experience the play instead of the book were the costumes; you could tell who the characters were, another was the make-up; it helped me by reflecting the characters character aspect, the final one was Set; the set was helping you know what place the characters were in.

    Two elements of lit. I could see were setting; Ancient Italy, I could also see was Character; the characters stories were told by makeup and costumes.

    One thing that caught my eye was Smereldina that actress was great at creating her character.

    Congrats! to the entire cast!

  44. 3 reasons why I’d rather see a play instead of reading a book is because when you see a play you can actually see, hear, and smell everything that is happening. When I read a book it’s hard for me to visualize the characters but when you see a play i can understand the story, plot, conflicts, and setting very well. I also just really enjoy being able to sit and watch plays instead of reading it in a book. 2 parts of literature that I understood was the conflicts. Like the conflicts between Clarissa and her dad. Clarissa wanted to marry Leander but but her father wanted her to marry the king. I also understood the internal conflict of the king where he thought if he listened to his heart he would wrong his kingdom but if he chose according to his kingdom he would wrong his heart. I was very surprised at how well the Miller South cast portrayed the magic in the story and I thought that they all portrayed their characters very well

  45. Three things I liked about watching the play instead of reading the script is that I got to see what they though the characters would look like.Two i got to hear the voices they put to the characters.Third the acting explained more about how they actors wanted the characters to act like.Two conflicts in the play. One Tartaglia and the King the king was going to marry Angela and tartagila wanted to marry her so the tartaglia tried to kill the king. Another one is the king and his thoughts the king has to get married and so he has a fight with himself about if he marries the girl right for the kingdom he wont be happy but if he marries the girl that will make him happy it will ruin the kingdom. One question i have for the play is what was the “bust” and why did the king break it

  46. Three reasons why I’d rather see a play than read a book is that one when I see something I understand it better visually than when I read it or listen to it. Also, it can be hard for me to in vision things when I read but when I see a play or a movie it really helps me. Second I love hearing all the cool sound affects that only a play can give you and a book cannot, live music is great. Third, sitting in the audience makes me feel connected to the story.

    Two parts of literature that I understand was both internal and external conflicts. For example, when Clarissa wanted to marry Leander but her dad wanted her to marry the King this caused stress and conflict. Another example was the internal conflict when the king wanted to marry who his heart desired but he thought it would be wrong for his kingdom. This internal conflict was hard for the King but if he listened to his kingdom and not his heart.

    One part of the story that was very surprising was when the King turned into a deer. This was very shocking and funny!

  47. 3 things that I experienced during the play that I wouldn’t get during a book is the emotion of the characters, how they played their character and what the added to their character, and the little things they added in to make the play better. Two elements of literature was how the setting, the artists and the characters really mad the setting exciting! Also the internal and external conflict between Clarissa and Tartaglia. Clarissa wanted to marry Leander, but her dad Tartaglia wanted her to marry the king. 1 thing that surprised me was using magic to change boys. I loved the play and everyone did great!

  48. Three things that you can take from a play that you do not get while reading a book include being able to feel like you were really there. You feel connected to the characters and plot. Another thing you can take from a play is that you can see the character’s actions and expressions, which don’t always get shown through a book. Finally, you can hear music and other sound effects.
    Two parts of literature that I understood include the setting: in a kingdom and forest. Also, I understood the conflict that Tartaglia wants his daughter to become queen and how he tries to become the king.
    One thing that surprised me was how the characters switched bodies. This was surprising to be but also added to the plot.
    By Abby Rambler 215

  49. #814
    I really liked the play.The play gave me more suspenes than a book can because in a book all you have to do is flip the page.This play helps me understand more than a book can.The play also makes it obvious of what the emotion is so then you can feel the feeling the characters feel as they act.Two parts that I understood was the setting in the kingdom and forest,the second is characters i understood that there a wish for each one of the characters.One thing that surprised me was when Tartaliah threatened Clarissa if she did’t make queen.

  50. i liked the play a lot. 3 things that the play helped me experience that the book cannot are 1 it happens right in fount of my face live. 2 it takes much more work to perform a play then to read a book but a play takes much shorter than it takes to read the book. 3 you get to see people just like you go on stage and pretend to be a whole different person.

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