Regardless of 7th grade or 8th grade we are discussing THEME!!

CHOICE #1:  7th graders talk about the theme of Worst Band in the Universe.  Explain the theme and write a “but box” about the moment that defines it for you!

CHOICE #2:  8th graders talk about Seedfolks.  What is the theme of the book?  Pick a chapter/character and also tell me about a lesson or special message they are teaching you.

EVERYONE:  Are you enjoying your book? Why?  I’d love to know!


These are a few of my Favorite Things!

This week all the suggestions seemed to have a theme — and we are studying THEME in all the language arts classes.  Our theme is our favorite things:

CHOICE #1:  What is your favorite thing about the season Fall? Why?

CHOICE #2:  What is your favorite mythical creature?  Why?

CHOICE #3:  What is your favorite holiday?  Why?

Remember, a good paragraph — AT LEASE 3-5 sentences.

It is the Fourth Week of School!!

Choice #1:  What about this year is a surprise to you?

Choice #2:  What can the teachers do this year to help this year make more sense to you?

Choice #3:  Which class / subject do you think will be tough for you this year? Why?

Write a GOOD PARAGRAPH about one of the choices listed.

Summer Fun

CHOICE 1:  This summer you had a summer reading program to encourage you to read!  Your job was to choose a book YOU were interested in reading.  Write a paragraph about your choice!

CHOICE 2:  This is it!  A new year!  Did you think over the summer how this year would be different?  Write a paragraph about your hopes and plans for this year at school.  Did summer rest get you ready for a great year?

CHOICE 3:  OK!  I get it.  Some of you had a GREAT summer.  Write a paragraph about your most memorable summer fun.  I think I’m already jealous!

CHOOSE ONE OF THE ABOVE PROMPTS.  PUT YOUR FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL, and PERIOD NUMBER.  {ex.  Marcia S., P3 }   Then, write about your choice!



Prompt 1:  Do you think slavery exists today?  If so, how does it work in today’s world?

OR  Prompt 2:  Explain in your own words the concept “People Have Wings” from the book.  Use your understanding of slavery, and the lives these people lived in slavery and the options for freedom.

OR  Prompt 3:  If you had wings (wave the magic wand) where would you fly and why?

I expect a full paragraph!  CHOOSE ONE OF THE THREE PROMPTS!!!!

The People Could Fly

What did you find interesting about the vocabulary in the story by Virginia Hamilton?  You may choose to define and talk about one of the eight words we discussed in class or choose to talk about the dialect used in the story.

overseer, seer, croon, snag, shuffle, plantation, scorned, snarled.

To define, write the definition in your own words and write three synonyms.  Finish by using the word in a defining sentence.