New Semester!

Let us start out the new semester in a positive way!

Prompt #1  Write a paragraph reflection on your Advisory meeting this morning.  Are you a fixed mind set or a growth mind set?  Any changes you want to make?

Prompt #2  If you were going to make a collage on someone who inspires you, who would you choose and why?  Write a paragraph!!

Prompt #3  We are about to see for our Spring play the Tempest.  What is your favorite Shakespeare play?  Why?  Do you have a favorite character?   Write a paragraph!!


70 thoughts on “New Semester!

  1. Kirsten Horner 511
    I am a growth mindset because i feel that you need to work hard to be where you are right now. Sometimes i feel that i am a fixed mindset towards myself but im glad im really a growth mindset. There’s nothing i would change but working harder.

  2. If i was going to make a collage about some one it would be Michelle Obama because she inspires many girls around the world with her words of wisdom she is classy and sassy and she is really smart

  3. I think i am growth minded because I learn from my mistakes. I also learn from practice and failure. Sometimes I don’t learn but I know i’m getting their.

  4. Kaedence Kish #513
    If I made a collage about someone it would be my mom because she always works hard and shows me that working hard can get me anywhere.I like how she carries herself in a calm matter most of the time and even if she isn’t in a good mood she is always by my side if I need her.

  5. Ashley A 501
    If I were to make a collage about some one that inspires me it would be my mom because she is so kind and caring. She always has something nice to say about someone and she always supports me in everything I do. She is always there for me when i need her and if I need help she does everything she can do to help.

  6. I am a growth mindset,there are no changes really because if your have a fixed mindset you wont necessarily be open to other ideas. If I was going to make a collage on some men that inspire me are my Uncle my Cousin and some super stars.

  7. If I were making a collage on someone that inspires me would be Daniel Seavey. The reason why he inspires me is the fact that he is young but is very successful. He has so much talent but he was not just born with it he has worked hard and continues to work rather brag or not do anything. He has such a kind and warm spirit with a great sense of humor. One day I hope I am able to meet him and the rest of the band.

  8. My favorite Shakespeare play is The Tempest. My favorite character is Ariel, she is a sprit who serves the magician Prospero, she rescued him.

  9. This spring, I am in the musical “The Tempest”. My favorite character in the tempest is Alonso. I say Alonso because he is like this king that is inasent and he cares about his family.

  10. If i were to make a college on some one it would be Martin Truex JR.. He is a nascar driver and is so cool because he is one of the few people in nascar that is a one car team and he won the points championship this year which is reall cool.

  11. If i were to make a collage on someone who inspires me I would make a collage of my family because they always push me to do new things.

  12. In advisory I had a fixed mindset. Most of the people in my advisory group had a fixed mindset. Not many people were talking, so every once in a while someone would speak up and say something, I was one of those people. If I could make changes I would go back over the quiz, making any changes on questions I didnt understand.

  13. I wanna make a collage on Michael Jordan. I would wanna do this because it would be really cool to learn about not only his basketball career but also his baseball career. I think if michael jordan still played basketball today he would destroy the league.

  14. Someone that i would make a collage would be Kyrie Irving. I have really enjoyed watching him as a player through out the years. He has inspired me to play basketball. His play style is very unique compared to other players in the NBA. Kyrie is also my favorite player.

  15. If i had to pick someone who inspires me it would be Rihanna because she is a great singer and her music gives off the deep / happy feeling .

  16. Mariska C. #504 per.5
    If I had to make a collage of someone I would make it of my dad. He always wants me to try new things. He is also so kind. Plus he always tells me that I am his favorite. Also, he is very athletic and likes to play games with me. His job is an engineer so he is very smart too.

  17. if i was gonna make a collage about someone it would be my mom because she is always there for me and helps me when i make a mistake, she always pushes me to do the best I can do.

  18. Jack Kendrick #310 per.3
    I have seen alot of Shakespeare plays, but I think the one that stands out the most in my mind, is “A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”, because of all the characters. I haven’t seen it in a while, but I love how when one of the actors (who put on a play for the Duke of athens DURING the actual play) goes to sleep, the fairies come and turn his head into a donkey. alot of the comedy during the play, is very funny, and I wish I could see it again.

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