The Mythology of Spongebob!!!

OK — Lets have some fun!

Origination myths are a type of mythology that explains where something came from . . .

Write a myth that explains the existence of Spongebob on Bikini Bottom.  Yes, you can involve Poseidon or any other god/goddess of the sea — because, he lives in a pineapple under the sea!!


34 thoughts on “The Mythology of Spongebob!!!

  1. Chloe McHale #210
    The mythology of Spongebob is that Spongebob is a living sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea! Spongebob works at the Krusty Crab with Mr. Crab and co-worker Squidward! Spongebob has a best friend named Patrick. Spongebob has a very interesting life and this my report about spongebob.

  2. Along time ago Mrs.and Ms. Squarepants decided to have a child named Spongebob. But there was something odd about him, his body was square! His parent took him to the doctor’s office to get answers but the doctor didn’t know how the mutation formed. So the doctor took a blood test and sent it to Bikini Bottom’s Geneology Center and apparently Spongebob’s grandma mated with a real sponge called Cello, and somehow his dna didn’t effect his daughter but it effected his grandson. So thats why.

  3. One day, Poseiden was walking. He found a sponge and decided to make it come to life . He named it SpongeBob Squarepants. But something was very odd about him.
    He was a very strange sponge. A square sponge indeed. And he was very yellow and had many holes in him. He was kitchen sponge! So, since he made him come to life, he took him to the ocean and let him live there in a pineapple under the sea that he found in the same kitchen in which he was born. And that is how the great all might Spongebob Squarepants was born! THE END!!!!!!!!!

  4. One day Poseidon was very board, so he deiced to go for a walk. He walked past the krusty crab, past the school house, and finally came to the sponge plants. He saw something strange, he walked closer and realized that indeed it was a sponge, but it wasn’t any normal sponge. He took the sponge home and put it in his bathtub. Then the weirdest thing happened it started to walk, then talk. The sponge saw the rubber duck that had on pants, and he took the pants. Then Poseidon walked upstairs and saw the funny looking sponge. He named him sponge bob. He then took the sponge to a nice couple in bikini bottom.

  5. Once upon a time ares and zuse were having a fight and it was said it was the biggest battle they have ever had there was lighting flying throw the air and shields clashing and sword flying and there was a hit from the lighting bolt and ares sword that made a explosion that radiation wave so server that it made a sponge come to life and mad the fish start to talk and posiden came and stopped the both of them and saw the monsters they made and set zuse and ares away posiden some how grow fond of the sponge and named him sponge bob square pants.
    ~The end

  6. Once upon a time there was a sponge named Spongebob. Spongebob was discovered by Poseidon the god of the sea. Spongebob was going across the bottom of the sea to his house a pineapple. He worked at the krusty crab. Once Poseidon saw Spongebob working at krusty crab he decided to make Spongebob his servent or assistant. Spongbob said yes, and then they went to Poseidon”s place to start working. Spongebob knew that Poseidon was a god, so one night while Poseidon was sleeping and Spongebob was working, Spongebob went into the kitchen and he saw that there was a silver pan and he knew that the pan would make the krusty crabs bigger and better. Spongebob stole the pan and started running to the basement of his pineapple house. Poseidon forgave Spongebob and so Spongebob is known has a square yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple house and is the assistant of Poseidon.

  7. Once upon a time, there was a mad-as-crap scientist, who was trying to harness the power of the gods. His name was Stubbins Ffirth(actually a real person, look him up). One day, he was at sea, trying to harness the powers of Zeus. But then Poseidon came instead of Zeus! As a reward for Stubbins’ hard work and dedication, he gave Stubbins a choice. Would he like a living breathing usually inanimate object, or a sword to vanquish your foes? Stubbins, being himself, chose the object. Poseidon looked around his boat, picked up a sponge and breathed new life into it. He then gave it to Stubbins, and left. Stubbins, frustrated at the apparent stupidity of the gift, angrily threw the sponge into the ocean, where the sponge landed in what is known as Bikini Bottom. Stubbins went even more mad and eventually became Patchy, the pirate that we see every once in a while in spongebob, with his pet parrot Potty(no joke that’s his name).

  8. Once in the deep dark sea there was a sponge named spongebob he was best friends with Poseidon he is god of the sea he gave spongebob special power over all fish all of the fish have to lessen to spongebob unless Poseidon said not to. spongebob felt so proud to have Poseidon as a best friend and to rule over all the fish. spongebob got so proud that he wanted to rule everything but poseidon did not like that so that met spongebob is going back to crabby paddy’s

  9. Once upon a time there was a sponge named Spongebob but Spongbob was no ordinary sponge because Spongebob was square. When Spongebob was little he loved to explore one day when Spongebob was exploring he ran into a god named Poseidon as soon as Poseidon saw Spongebob he knew that he had to take him home so he chased after Spongebob for miles once he finally caught him Poseidon took him home. When Poseidon got home with Spongebob they talked for a while but spongebob was very nervous and was ready to leave as soon as Poseidon went to sleep so once Poseidon was sleeping Spongebob took off but Spongebob fell and tumbled down a hill and became an square. The End

  10. Once upon a time Zeus and Poseidon were battling at the bottom of the sea, and they both hit each other so hard that the flew backwards. Poseidon landed in this weird spot, it was a town. The town name was Bikini Bottom. Poseidon met a yellow sponge, his name was Spongebob. Poseidon asked Spongebob for directions to a restaurant and Spongebob exclaimed that he was on his way to work at the Krusty Krab. Poseidon ordered 1 Krabby Patty and loved it so much that he told everyone to go get one. Everyone listened since he was the god of the sea. That made Mr. Krabs, Spongebob, and even Squidward happy! That is how Spongebob became recognized .

  11. Once upon a time Athena the goddess of wisdom was teaching her lessons under the sea to all of the fish when suddenly, a orange ball fell onto the sea floor. Athena thought of it as a trophy from the other gods. One day when her trophy was next to her throne she noticed that the orange ball began to move. She immediately struck the ball and it began to grow legs and feet, arms and hands. She realized that her trophy was now alive. Athena named the creature Round Pants. As Athena and Round Pants walked around the sea floor a ship had sunk and landed on Round Pants. The impact squished him into a square and there had been paint on the bottom of the ship that was yellow, which dyed his skin. Athena said ” Well i guess we can’t call you Round Pants anymore, from this day forward you will be known as Spongebob Squarepants. That is how Spongebob came to be!!!!! The End

  12. so one day a little girl was cleaning her dishes,and she left her bright yellow sponge in her in the middle of the sink. Little did she know she hit the with and the grinder came on. and the little yellow sponge ripped up in pieces and went down the drain to the bikini bottom .One afternoon posiden fix all the ripped pieces and named him sponge bob square pants. Sponge bob made many friends including Patrick

  13. Once there was a boy named Zeus on the beach. He was playing in the sand and found a yellow sea sponge laying by his feet. He picked it up and decided that it needed a name. He named it Spongebob. Bob was his favorite name so he thought why not Bob. Zeus gave Spongebob all the powers in the world. Spongebob used the shape shifting power to make him square. When Zeus was playing in the sand a few days later, the tide was so high that it took Spongebob into the sea!

  14. Catalina 217
    The mythology of Sponge Bob is he lives in a pineapple and has a snail pet. He has a friend that is a star fish named Patrick. Patrick and him go and catch jellyfish around the place he lives. He works at the Krusty Crab that sells Crappy Patties. Sponge Bob his the person that makes the Crappy Patties.

  15. Once upon a time there was a pineapple (this was a magic pineapple). For whatever reason, a sailor named Jim, took this pineapple on his boat trip, but he didn’t know this pineapple was magic. So Jim was holding this pineapple, and it started to glow. At that point Jim was very scared, and threw the pineapple into the ocean. Jim accidently threw the pineapple on top a random sponge, and the pineapple magic rubed off on the sponge, and the song was now alive. And that is the story of spongebob.

  16. Once upon a time the greek god Aphrodite went to the store to pick up some sponges to do the dishes. She picked up a bight yellow sponge, payed for it, and went home. Later that night she broke the sponge out of the packaging, did the dishes and went to bed. The next morning, after she drank her cup of coffee she decided to wash the cup. When she went to reach for the sponge, it was gone! she looked everywhere for it. Until she heard a crash in the kitchen. She ran to the kitchen in a panic and saw the sponge she had bought the night before alive and wreaking havock on the kitchen. She decided to name him SpongeBob and they would be friends for the next 20 years. Until one night when SpongeBob was really hyper from all of the Halloween candy he ate, and ran away until he reached the ocean. He jumped in and landed in this magical place called Bikini Bottom. The End

  17. Adin 211
    a long, long, long, time ago there was a god. this god’s name was posidion. now posidion was bathing in a waterfall on mt. Olympus with a sponge.he dropped the sponge and it went down, and down, and down until it fell in the Mesopotamia sea.The sponge sank down the into the depths of the sea and after a while he landed in small town called bikini bottom. some fellows were walking by and felt bad for the sponge so they took him to the town hall and the citizens did the life ceremony and gave the sponge life. they named sponge bob. sponge bob made alot of friends and his two best were Patrick and sandy. Sandy took sponge bob to a house. and it was a pineapple. sponge bob loved it so much and bought it immediately. Now he lives happily ever after.

  18. The mythology of Sponge Bob is he lives in a pineapple under the sea. His best friend is Patrick. Patrick lives under a rock under the sea. Sponge Bob loves his job. He worked at the Krust Crab. He makes crabby patty, they are pretty much just like a hamburger. His neighbor is Squidworth. He also works at the Krust Crab but he doesn’t like it at all. Squidworth gets annoyed by Sponge Bob. The boss of The Krust Crab is Mr. Crab, he is a greedy old crab who only likes money

  19. The Mythology of Spongebob is…….. Spongebob was a sponge, But where did he come from? Bob came from a crazy family of sponges. Poseidon was the father and the mother was Spongecake. They ended up having a kid Named Spongebob. As Spongebob grew up his family made sure that Spongebob had the skills to move out of the LARGE Pineapple Castle that has been in the Sponge family for Generations. When Spongebob learned everything he needed to move out his whole family went with Bob to Look for the perfect pineapple to live in for the rest of his livable life. They finally found a perfect pineapple that was next door to Squidward. And Spongebob is living a long healthy life, LIVING IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA!

  20. #814 Once upon a time Poseidon was swimming and felt like swimming underwater.His friend gave him a small pineapple and said “eat it or live in it.”Poseidon couldn’t live in the pineapple but he hated to eat pineapple. Poseidon found a sponge put some googly eyes and a suit and called him Bob. Poseidon then gave him a longer name Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob was all alone so he made him some friends. Poseidon used him as puppets to play with. Then he realized Spongebob started to move and laughed. Poseidon used Spongebob to have entertainment but then he turned real so Poseidon had to make friends and leave Spongebob in Bikini Bottom not alone ,but with his new friends and adopted family.

  21. The Mythology of Spongebob is… Spongebob is a little sponge that lives is Hera’s kitchen. One day Poseidon creeped into Hera’s house and stole the little sponge. He did his magic on the sponge while he was returning back to the ocean. When he was underwater, The little sponge became alive and started running around the bottom of the sea. After a while, the little sponge got sad because he didn’t have a name. He decided to name himself Spongebob. A few weeks after that, Spongebob got sd because he didn’t have a house when unexpectedly a pineapple came bursting through the water. Spongebob ended up making that his house. Now he lives in a pineapple under the sea.

  22. One day there was a sponge(on land) so a person picked it up to take it home. That’s name was Poseidon. It is always said that Poseidon and his family have magical powers or like there gods. Then the next Poseidon was practicing his powers and started to practice it on the sponge and then in the next minute he turned the sponge into a talking sponge and named it spongebob. After that day Poseidon woke up and notice that the sponge was gone. Poseidon walked to the beach and noticed the sponge in the middle of the ocean and then it went under. Poseidon never ever saw the sponge again, it is said that he live in a pineapple under the sea and has a friend named Patrick!

  23. The myth of Spongebob takes place in the atlantic ocean. Were his mother Mrs.clean sponge and Father Posiedon lives there was a little sponge named spongebob. Spongebob was a very weird sponge He loved Jelly Fishing And krabby Patty’s. His dream jod has to make them he didn’t want to eat them he wanted to make them. So as the years went on he still wanted to make kabby patty’s so one day when sopngebob had grown older he moved into a Pineapple down the street from his best friend rock. But that another story for now let’s stay with this one. So then after he moved and and settled down he got a job at the Krust Krab doing what he has always wanted making krabby patty’s

  24. A long, long time ago there was a young sponge who lived among many other sponges in an isolated area of the sea. He lived inside a strawberry house with his parents and three sisters. Poseidon ruled all of the seas. He wanted order between all the cities. He longed for cities that were militaristic and he wanted to rule everybody and everything. Whenever he was angry he would hurdle his trident to the ground. This would cause earthquakes and could send the person he was frustrated with completely out of the sea. Spongebob was very different from all the other sponges – he was a square, not a rectangle. This frustrated Poseidon very much. In fact, he was so mad, that he ostracized Spongebob for years! Whenever Spongebob came near him, he would act as though there was no one else there. Spongebob was very sad about this. Everyone except his family began to shun him too. He felt as though he didn’t belong in the sea. One day, Spongebob was fed up with Poseidon! He couldn’t let Poseidon ignore him anymore, he was just as important as anyone else living under the sea. Spongebob told Poseidon his feelings and Poseidon banished him by using his trident. His goal was to send Spongebob out of the sea and onto land, but Spongebob’s courage defeated Poseidon. Spongebob ruled the town until he became 18, then he moved into Bikini Bottom with his friend, Patrick Star, and pet snail.
    Abby Rambler #215

  25. Ayiana Andrella #802
    it was a beautiful day with a family with 2 parents, 1 child, 2 dogs, and a sponge on a boat in Greece. The child was looking out upon the side of the boat with her sponge where she saw something mysterious it looked like a human but she had a feeling it was more then that. So she called her mother over but the mother was to late the mysterious creature took her sponge, the girl was shocked with fear and sadness. She tried to get her sponge back but could not reach. The human like creature was really the god of water the real reason why he took the sponge was because he was lonely so he used his water powers and turned him into an alive sponge. when he realized how much bikini bottom needed the sponge the god wished him luck and said good bye and named him Sponge Bob and got him a house and a job. But Sponge Bob never know who was his real family or how the god found him.

  26. One day, there was a cleaning sponge that Mr. Krabs would use to clean the dishes. When Mr. Krabs uses life soap instesd of the cleaning soap. During the night the sponge comes to life and calls himself Spongebob. He finds a huge pineapple and moves into it. Several years later he finds himself employed at the Krusty Krab. On a normal sunny day he was cooking a Krabby patty. All of a sudden there was a beeping noise coming from Mr Krabbs office finding a button under his desk . Spongebob was debating if he should press the button or not but before he knew it, Plankton jumped out of no where and press the button . A delicious krabby patty well done pops out. Before Spongebob could even think, Plankton grabs it and takes it back to the chum bucket. Is this the end for the krusty krabb? Will Plankton have something good on the menu?

  27. Ok, Well There was this big blue sea, with a guy named Poseidon, and he lived in the big blue sea. Mr. Poseidon said “Boy, how do I clean all the sand? There’s too much of it!” The Mr. Poseidon had an idea. He created a Rectangular object which was 3-dimensional and named it a sponge. His sponge was very yellow, and also very bright. (Sometimes it floated in the air with angels singing in the background) He cared about his sponge, and secretly, it cared about him. One day, Mr. Poseidon thought to himself, “I wonder what would happen if my sacred sponge was alive…” A week later, he left his sponge inside his cave, and the sea carried it away to a magical underwater volcano (The volcano was named Poseidon after him by brother, Zeus, although Hades wanted to name it Mt. Hades because he thought it sounded “MLG” and they had no idea what that meant…) The Sacred Sponge fell into the the magical underwater volcano, Mount. Poseidon, and turned into what we all know today, SPONGE BOB! *Narrator thinks to himself* Wait, Is it spelled Spongebob, or Sponge bob? Oh, well I just use Mrs. Skidmore for now!

  28. The mythology of Spongebob is he is a sponge that lives in a pineapple with a pet snail and is the god of the Krusty Krab. His best friend, Patrick is the god of the starfish. His neighbor, Squidward is the god of the clarinets. His boss Mr. Krabs is the god of the cheap people.

  29. The mythology of Spongebob is that Spongebob is a sponge who live in the Bikini Bottom. He lives with his pet snail Gary the god of snails. He works at the crusty crab with his “BFF” Squidward. His boss is Mr Krabs who is the cheapiest god you would ever meet. Then his bestfriend Patrick who is the dumbess person you would ever meet. Spongebob is a god of friecooking but very stupid. Well that the mythology of Spongebob

  30. once upon a time, a man was on his boat right over bikini bottom and this man was a merchant, a sponge merchant and some of his sponges where believed to come alive in the water and on this day a crew worker knocked over a box of these ” magical sponges” and it turns out in about 2 days they did come alive and all started families and in one family the parents had a son named sponge bob and he grew up to be a small weak and dumb little man with his dumb friend Patrick these to did many things together and then got a job where the god of loneliness, squid ward worked and hated sponge bob and a boss who would pay very little,the god of cheapness,Mr krabs would pay him fake dollars sometimes.sponge bob had a pet snail and friend squirrel,Gary and Sandy.

  31. Once upon a time there was a old man who owned a sponge shop. This man had many types of very odd sponges. Like purple, blue, red, green, orange you name it! He had Spiky sponges, round sponges, and a lot more very oddly shaped sponges, but there was one sponge that was not like the rest. This sponge was a plain old regular boring sponge. The old man didn’t seem like this sponge was gonna sell, so he threw it in the trash can. After the old man closed his shop for the night and left, all the sponges sat on the shelves like rocks, but when a drip of water fell threw a hole in the ceiling directly on the sponge that the man threw away and when that happened the sponge started to grow legs and arms and in that instant it came to life! The next morning when the man entered the store and saw the once boring old sponge now a wonderful live sponge he knew that he shouldn’t of doubted the sponge by how he looked. From that day he didn’t put a price on that special sponge and the old man and the sponge, who the man named Sponge bob Square pants become best friends forever. The End.

  32. Spongebob was found under the sea in Bikini Bottom by Poseidon. Spongebob could not move and had 1 brain cell like all the other sponges. Poseidon was the god of the sea and felt really bad for spongebob. Poseidon put some of his magical dust on Spongebob. He was now able to walk, talk, see, and breath under water like all the other fish. Poseidon left Spongebob a pineapple to live in so he would not just be homeless. Spongebob got a job in the Bikini Bottom stadium, where him and and the other gladiators were to fight stuff like sharks, whales and giant crabs. Spongebob had a successful life as a gladiator and bought a pet snail. One day when spongebob has lost a fight and almost died he quiet his job and then lost everything. He even lost his arms legs and eyes. He was now just an average sponge like he was before, but this time he felt fine with it so he just kept living the normal sponge life.

  33. One day Poseidon was underwater walking and saw a yellow sponge like thing and said I need entertainment so he gave the sponge power to walk and talk and him and Poseidon were best friends and every time Poseidon was board he would call sponge bob up and they would talk about life.

  34. Once upon a time there was a sponge named Spongbob. He love making friends.One day he saw tall strong young guy name and he went over and sat next to him.he said “Im Poseidon and they sat down and talked and became best friends.

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