This week we start a new story from Greek Mythology.

In your first blog, describe either a favorite Greek God or Goddess — or perhaps your favorite story from Greek Mythology.

Remember — a good blog is a paragraph of information.  Share!


39 thoughts on “Arachne

  1. One of my favorite stories is about Demeter and Persephone and how Persephone ends up married to Hades. Persephone is kidnapped by Hades because he sees her and thinks she is beautiful and wants to marry her. He goes to his brother Zeus and gets permission BUT he doesn’t as her mother Demeter. Persephone refuses his hospitality except she eats 6 seeds from a pomegranate. This causes Persephone to be stuck in the underworld for 6 months of the year. And that is why we have 6 months of good weather and 6 months of winter (when she is in the underworld with Hades)

    • My favorite goddess is Aphrodite . She was married to Hephaestus. She was the goddess of love, beauty , and eternal youth. She had a interesting life and I feel like me and her relate sort of. So she my favorite Greek goddess.

    • Athena is my favorite goddess because. she is the goddess of wisdom and reason. She is also Zeus favorite child and he lets her use his weapon the thunderbolt. Athena is very brave and fierce. since she does not have o mom she came out of Zeus forehead, now that is weird. she worship the city state of Athens.

  2. One of my famous goddess was aphrodite who is married to Zues. She was also married to Hephaestus. She was the goddess of Love, Beauty, and Eternal Youth. She also lived a very intersting life and me and her relate a little. She is my favorite goddess. ~ Paris Motley 213

  3. My favorite Greek Goddess is Athena because she is the goddess of reason, arts, literature, and intelligent activity and we go to a performing arts school. I also like Athena, because her mother didn’t give birth to her she came out of Zeus her father’s forehead, which in my defense I thought it was cool, because I don’t hear or see that everyday. She was a brave, strong woman that fought for her state or home in battles.I really liked how she created many different things like bridle, trumpet, flute, pot, rake, plow, yoke, ship, and the chariot. She wasn’t like the other goddess she was Zeus’s favorite child and she was the only child that could use weapons which I really liked, because it shows that she practiced and was the person to fight off outside enemies.

  4. Hello Mrs. Skidmore I loved the story, but when they say 6 months of bad weather does that assume that bad weather is winter? Some people like myself love winter and summer so what season is bad! lol It is very interesting to read about Greek myths. They are very creative and full of interesting detail. The part about the pomegranate seeds is mysterious!

    • Demeter is the goddess of growth and harvest. My apologies. It means 6 months when things do not grow, but lay seemingly dormant until Spring when they come back to life when Persephone is on Earth with her mother again. It was an oversimplified version on my part.

  5. My favorite Greek goddess is Athena. She is my fave because she is the goddess that Athens worships. Athens is the place where the econemy and life style is a lot better then Sparta.

  6. My favorite Greek Myth is Pandora’s Box. In it, Zeus sends a women he has made out of clay and brought to life, in disguise as Pandora, to Epimethius. Epimethius, being the lonely yet kind-hearted man he is, automatically accepts her and they get married. Zeus gives Pandora a locked box with a note attached saying “Do Not Open” and the key was attached to the note as wedding gift. Pandora was very curious and tried her hardest not to open it. However, she was so curious as to what was inside, that one day, she finally gave in and opened it. As she opened it, sickness, envy, hate, and disease flew out. She slammed the lid down as hard as she could, and inside was a tiny creature named Hope. I enjoy this story because I can relate to Pandora and am very curious.

  7. My favorite goddess is Aphrodite. The goddess of love and beauty. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. She was married to Hephaestus. The ancient Greeks identified her with the Ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor. She had many other names that were used by the other greeks. Aphrodite was commonly known as the goddess of the people also. her Rowman equivalent is Venus and some of her symbols include dolphin, rose,mirror, and dove.

  8. my favorite god is ares the god of war because he is skilled in military tactics and is an expert in fighting and because he has a helm that is inadvisable that means it cant be broken. His symbols are a sword Speer. his mom is Athena and his dad is Zeus and they both hated him

  9. My favorite goddess is Zeus.The reason why I like it is because he is the ruler of the place. I like being a boss and i would always boss my brother around all the time. Zeus is just like me in real life.

  10. My favorite goddess is Zeus. The reason I like Zeus is because he is the king.At home im just like him because I like to boss my brother around all the time. Zeus and I are just alike and i want would like to be a king also.

  11. Hey guys Jack here,

    My favorite god/goddess is Zeus. About everybody know him, and he’s sometimes used in movies/books (Percy Jackson). I like Zeus because he got to live on top of a mountain and mountians are cool. I also like Zeus because he was the leader, and saved his brothers and sisters from being stuck inside of his father’s belly.

  12. My favorite goddess is Athena, because she fearlessly fought for her home in battles. She was the goddess of reason, literature, art, war, etc. She was very good at arts and crafts, and especially spinning and weaving. I find that cool because I go to school for art. Athena lived and gaurded in Athens, and I find the lifestyle in Athens interesting, and more peaceful because you don’t go through all the military training like the do in Sparta. Athena became the goddess of Athens after she won in a contest against Poseidon by offering the olive tree to the Athenians, and the olive tree is Athena’s holy tree.

  13. My favorite Greek god is Poseidon god of the sea. I like Poseidon because I think he really cool. I have never read a book about him but I have seen the movie percyjackson and I really like his personality he seems very calm and kind. his son is Percy and he seems to have a the same personality

  14. Chloe Westphal 820- My favorite goddess is Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty and the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Aphrodite is married to Hephaestuts. I like Aphrodite because of her natural beauty and I also feel like a can relate to her in some type of way.

  15. Athena is my favorite goddess because, she is the goddess of wisdom and I think that is really cool. She never had a mom so she came out of her fathers (Zeus) head instead. She the goddess that worships Athens. She was very brave and fought for her home in a battle. She was Zeus favorite child and. he let her use his weapon the thunderbolt. That showed how worthy she was and responsible.

  16. My favorite god is Zeus because he ruled the sky and I want to rule the stage with the piano. I also like Zeus because he assigned other gods to their roles. All the gods rise to his presence. Zeus is most frequently picked by Greek artists for two types of poses.1 Either standing with a lighting bolt in his right hand raised up. 2 Seated in majesty. If Greek artists pick Zeus frequently for art, that sound like a god for Arts and Motion.

  17. My favorite Greek God is Apollo because he is the god of music, art, healing, plague, and poetry. He is the son of Zeus and Leto. He had a twin named Artemis, they both used the bow and arrow. Apollo is the God of the sun in Roman mythology. One myth about Apollo states, he fell in love with Daphne, she ran from him and was then transformed into a tree. Some people believe that Apollos job was to be a protector of herdsmen and shepherds. Apollo often appears in the company of the Muses. Apollo always carried a bow, was very tough, and one of the most famous myths is of Apollo and the python. Apollo is a very strong Greek God who is written about in many stories. I have seen many paintings and statues of Apollo and I believe if I could be a Greek God, I would want to be Apollo.

  18. my favorite greek god is zues because he was the god of the sky. i want to be able to fly all over the world to perform and run in many places. I also liked zues because he was like the head god since he is basically the lead god he assigned the roles of other gods

  19. My favorite god is zeus because I love lighting. I love the fact the he is like the god of all gods. He also lives in olympus. I think it is cool that he ruled the sky. I also like that he married hera.

  20. Hi Mrs. Skidzone!!! My favorite goddess is Athena. I like her because she weaves on a loom and I weave too ( i have a little one). I feel bad for her when she turns into a spider (spoil alert). I hope you have a great day!!!

    • well, Arachne sort of deserves getting turned into a spider. She needed to eat some humble pie! She thought she was as good as a god and in those days that was a lot of pride!

  21. My favorite god is zeus because he is the god of all gods.
    i also like that he ruled the sky. He was also the god of lighting. I really liked that he married hera. i also liked that he lived in olympus.

  22. My favorite goddes is hera because she is the goddess of marrige and birth. I really value marrige and birth because it is what makes up my family and i love my family. Marrige and birth is full of love, so hera is of love and i love that. That is why my favorite goddess is hera

  23. my favorite Greek god is apollo because he ruled music and im a music student. also he provides light and we need light to survive. Medicine went with apollo because he helps the sick and unhealthy. Apollo also ruled art and poetry and i think that is beautiful.that is why hes my favorite god.

  24. Lezah 212
    My favorite goddess is Athena because she is very well known and seems very kind the description of her statue makes it sound like it was an amazing work of art. Another reason why I really enjoy reading and listening to stories about Athena. Today we had a pretest in class and we read a passage Athena she created a tree that what grew on it could hep the poor who don’t have much food or water. That’s why Athena is my favorite goddess.

  25. Mattie 202

    My favorite goddess is Persephone. The reason why is because she’s the one who brings or brought us the pretty seasons and all the pretty colors of the seasons. Persephone is also very very very pretty. I like how Persephone can bring us all the pretty seasons.

  26. My favorite Greek God is Aeschylus because he is The father of Tragedy. I love tragic stories i find them interesting so he is like my Greek hero. I wish i could have been apart of one of his play, They are filled with lots of tragic moment. He was also apart of the Marathon in 490 BCE fighting to defend Athens from Persia

  27. My favorite Greek goddess is Hera she was the goddess of marriage and birth. To me she helped lots of people. I liked her because she left a very good impression on me and if she was still alive I would love to be her friend.

  28. Arachne is my favorite Greek Goddess is because she is very talented just like me.She’s used to getting attention. I love attention that’s why I picked Arachne.

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